Do you give out HTML-help? Sorry doll, but no, I don't give out HTML help or answer any HTML related questions. I'm searching for my own and you should go the same way. Google might help you out.
Who made your blog/layout? I made it myself.
What camera do you use? Nikon Coolpix Touchscreen/Medion with 14mp
Are all the photos yours? If you read my sidebar text you'd know that my blog is a personal photography blog. So, all the ones with my credit sticker over them are taken by me.
Why don't you post more often? In case you misread, this is a personal blog. I do have a life and have things going on in my life so logically, I only post on my free time.
How do you afford all the things you post? I get money and save it up. I don't spend it on every useless thing I don't even care about.
Why don't you post a picture of yourself? I have, if you missed out, I won't go and post one for you. I do it when I want. And possibly may never do it again. You'll live - this is not facebook.
Do you check out blogs? Yes, I'm always more than willing to check out blogs.

  • If you're going to e-mail be using the e-mail adress providing for advice, blog presentation, etc. but don't expect me to answer html or any other questions I just answered here. Still got questions? Ask away in my comment box ! ♥