March 9, 2012

March March, it seems like just yesterday I was out celebrating New Years with a bottle of Champagne in my hands. Unlike many who basically sit and wish to the month that it'll be good to them, I'm going to make sure that they will be one of the best. I already feel that this will be a good month, I've been unbelievable focused, motivated, and everything is falling back into places, especially in my love life and my life in general. I hope that in a few weeks to May we can already stay wearing our bikinis and getting our tan back in action, which speaking of beaches. I know that it's a little bit too early to talk about this but it's never to early to make things sure. And suitable to the new month I started this blog - that is very chanel. Love Always <3


  1. awww great post!
    your blog is awesome :)

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate your comment !


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