March 24, 2012

The last few days while I haven't been posting anything have been pretty nice. I don't know what to tell you I think it's easier to tell you guys my last days in person instead of typing it down here. Anyway the weather here in Germany has been more than great and I hope it'll stay as it is until summer so it can be hotter <3 I've also done some shopping but I won't show you I guess. Maybe someday when I have time to show you guys. I've been focused more on my love life and life in general. And I've came to the point that I should just live and have fun. As you might read on my sidebar text I'm a girl who just want to have fun and live life without cares. Yes, I'm a total carefree person and don't love and trust people that easy that's why I seem really happy. But I like people who can make me laugh. So, I hope that you're all doing well as I am. Let's see if I'll have the time to update my blog a bit. Maybe I'll even write another post later on. * Above is just another picture from the pool they had in the Hotel I stayed and my lunch I had yesterday in our garden when the sun was shining. XOXO Lovely weekend to everyone of you ! Love you guys.

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